Week 1: Kavanaugh Engages

Here’s the news you need to know on this Wednesday, October 10, 2018.

Yesterday, Justice Kavanaugh heard his first Supreme Court case
WATCH: Hours after his swearing-in ceremony, Justice Brett Kavanaugh asked several questions on his first day on the bench.


The Kavanaugh effect: Most diverse Supreme Court staff in history
On his first day at work, Brett Kavanaugh has ensured that the elite group of law clerks in the Supreme Court is the most diverse in its history. All four of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s clerks this term are women—and for the first time in Supreme Court history, women make up a majority of all the Court’s clerks


What will Kavanaugh mean for the Supreme Court?
Hans von Spakovsky explains that “Kavanaugh’s addition will lead to stronger enforcement of constitutional rights such as religious liberty, the right to bear arms, greater adherence to limits on congressional and executive power, and, perhaps most importantly, a lesser likelihood that the Court will create new rights not explicitly recognized in the Constitution.”


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