Here’s the news you need to know on this Wednesday morning, October 14, 2020.

Democrats Can’t “Kavanaugh” Unflappable Justice-to-be Amy Coney Barrett
Yesterday, the Democrats came, they questioned, and got nothing. It’s almost enough to make you feel sorry for Democrats. Almost.


Democrats Confuse Supreme Court Hearing for Policy Debate
Senator Ben Sasse summed up the first day of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Supreme Court nomination hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett when he pointed out that “huge parts of what we’re doing in this hearing would be really confusing to eighth graders. . . . [L]ots of the discussions we’ve had in here today fit better in a Finance Committee hearing than in a Judiciary Committee hearing.”


The Ginsburg Standard
“Like then-Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg when she was nominated in 1993, Judge Barrett should decline to answer any questions about issues that may come before her on the Supreme Court.” – Carrie Severino


Do As I Say, Not As I Do
Democratic Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse admitted on tape that he is willing to accept campaign donations from so-called “dark money” groups, as long as they have a progressive bent.

Whitehouse was asked specifically about “liberal dark money” groups such as Demand Justice and League of Conservation Voters, Whitehouse admitted that he hoped they would donate to his campaign. Whitehouse was easily re-elected in 2018 and has served as Rhode Island’s junior senator since 2007.


Biden and Harris Will Try Packing SCOTUS to Appease Democrats
Biden and Harris are being dishonest about why they won’t confirm or deny it, but even worse is the excuse by liberals that Democrats would be justified in doing so because Republicans had previously said they wouldn’t confirm any more justices during a presidential election year.


Amy Coney Barrett Should Refuse to Recuse
The Senate began confirmation hearings Monday for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, and Democrats know they’re unlikely to block her ascension to the Supreme Court. So they’re rolling out a supposed ethics test that if she joins the Court she must recuse herself on cases related to the presidential election …


Meanwhile on Twitter…

“One after another today, Senate Democrats are claiming that Judge Barrett would strike down Obamacare and jeopardize healthcare for millions of Americans …” – @JCNSeverino

“JUDGE BARRETT on originalism: ‘I interpret the Constitution as a law. That I interpret its text as text. So that meaning doesn’t change over time and it’s not up to me to update it or infuse my own policy views into it.’” – @SRCC

“You may ask: “Was Judge Barrett discussed by Democrats during today’s hearing?”  Barely! Listening to Democrats, you would think it was a healthcare candidates’ forum in New Hampshire.” – @TheRepLawyer

“I wonder if Dems will feel foolish – or be held accountable – for attacking ACB on a false premise, that she would vote to ditch the ACA. This isn’t going to happen and everybody knows it. Also wonder how the poster people feel seeing their blown-up images on nat’l TV.” – @kathleenparker 

“Senate Dems’ focus on ACB’s supposed threat to ACA is a great example of short-term political play that is likely in longer run to undermine their critique of ACB and the Supreme Court.” – @EdWhelanEPPC

“Judge Barrett: ‘Justice is blind. We all dress the same. Once we put on the black robe we are standing united symbolically, speaking in the name of the law. Not speaking for ourselves as individuals.’” @SRCC

“Sheldon Whitehouse’s Dark Money Hypocrisy” – @MZHemingway 

“Same energy.” – @TomCottonAR

“Look at Sheldon Whitehouse.” – @DailyCaller 

Incase You Missed It

Judicial Crisis Network (JCN) launched two new ads as part of an all-out campaign to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.  JCN has over $8 million on the grassroots mobilization effort so far.  The group expects to spend at least $10 million on the effort.

This dual ad launch features a $1 million dollar spend. The ads, “Amanda” and “Laura,” will begin airing today nationally on cable TV and digital.

JCN’s first five ads—“Follow the Precedent”, “From Her”, “Stop the Bigotry”, “JFK”,  and “Announcement” — appeared on TV and digital, and aired nationally on cable and in key states including Colorado, Iowa, Maine, North Carolina, Utah, and Washington D.C

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