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What North Dakotans Are Saying About Judge Kavanaugh

Hennen: Kavanaugh is qualified and in line with North Dakota Values
“Kavanaugh is qualified…His rulings have been consistent with original intent philosophy – which is consistent with North Dakota values. He is worthy of political and philosophical support and should earn that support from both Sens. Hoeven and Heitkamp.”

Heitkamp should vote to confirm Kavanaugh
“There is no question Kavanaugh is imminently qualified for the Supreme Court. He is a jurist who upholds the Constitution as written, instead of relying on that “living Constitution” judges use to enact their personal opinions into law.”

LTE: Kavanaugh will make an outstanding Justice
“Now is the time for Heitkamp to disregard these obstructionist tactics, stand up to her Democrat colleagues and join Senator Hoeven in supporting Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Her loyalty should be to her constituents, not to the Democrats destructive strategy of resistance.”