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Moderate Gorsuch Clerk Praises Nominee’s Objective Approach; 39 Former Clerks Endorse Gorsuch

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  1.   Former clerk to Judge Gorsuch Jessica Greenstone, a self-described “moderate” writes in USA Today, praising his objective approach to the law.

Jessica Greenstone: I’m a moderate for Gorsuch – Former law clerk

I am a moderate, like many Americans. I have more often than not voted for Democrats rather than Republicans, and I deeply believe that our government has a necessary and active role in righting the many injustices present in our society and the world…From personal experience, I can add that the judge deliberately sought clerks with diverse perspectives and encouraged open debates to reach the best conclusion. I recall one such experience in particular where my co-clerk and I were at odds on a legal issue in a case. The judge indicated that he was more convinced by my colleague but rather than rejecting my position outright, he challenged me — “prove to me you are right.” Several hours and many coffees later, I came back with the best I had. And this time he agreed…Soon after he took the bench on the 10th Circuit, he took all of his clerks and office staff (myself included) to visit several federal prisons. He wanted to see for himself, and for us to all understand, the importance of applying justice in every case — for the lives of others depended on us doing the best job we possibly could. Judge Gorsuch is a sincere, humble and devoted steward of the law who has a demonstrated record of faithfully upholding our constitutional rights. He deserves our support.”


  1.   Richard Wolf writes in USA Today that Judge Gorsuch “inspires loyalty among his former law clerks, no matter their politics.”

USA Today: Former law clerks herald Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s independence

One thing you can say about Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch: He inspires loyalty among his former law clerks, no matter their politics. Every one of them who worked for Gorsuch since he became a judge in 2006 — with the exception of two now clerking at the Supreme Court — signed a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday heralding his independence that ‘will never waver.’”


  1.   Theresa R. Wardon and Katherine C. Yarger, former clerks to Judge Gorsuch, write about three things they learned while working with the Supreme Court nominee.

Wardon and Yarger in The Federalist: 3 Things We Learned While Clerking For Neil Gorsuch

We are female litigators practicing in Denver, Colorado. We both had the pleasure of clerking for Judge Neil Gorsuch early in our careers. Despite these similarities, we are quite different: we hold opposite political views, experienced very different upbringings, and hail from different regions of the country. Yet we stand united in our strong support of Gorsuch’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme CourtJudge Gorsuch reinforced the importance of accessible and clear writing, devoid of legalese. His opinions are analytically rigorous and enjoyable to read. ‘Writing takes work,’ he taught us, but we should never aim to ‘write like a lawyer…’ He emphasized the importance of stepping back from the law and facts on your side to analyze the holes in your case and the facts and law supporting the other side. He cautioned that failure to do so would inevitably blind a lawyer to her case’s potentially fatal flaws, leaving her unprepared to address them…Judge Gorsuch encouraged us to read and research until we could read and research no more. He demonstrated an endless desire to reach the crux of each legal issue before him. He warned against shortcuts and urged us to pursue a fulsome understanding of the nuance and complexity of the legal and factual issues in each case.”


  1.   The Springfield (MO) News-Leader reports that pro-life activists from Susan B. Anthony List showed up at Sen. Claire McCaskill’s local office to ask her to support Judge Gorsuch’s nomination.

Springfield News-Leader: Pro-life activists gather at McCaskill’s office to urge the senator to #ConfirmGorsuch

A group of about 40 pro-life activists gathered outside the downtown Springfield office of Sen. Claire McCaskill on Monday to urge the Democratic senator to support President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. The afternoon protest was organized by Susan B. Anthony List, a national pro-life group, as part of a national effort to rally support for Judge Neil Gorsuch.