Large national majority supports Kavanaugh confirmation if FBI finds no corroboration

Here’s the news you need to know on this Wednesday, October 3, 2018.

Harvard Poll: A large majority of Americans want Kavanaugh confirmed
According to national polling numbers as things stand right now, Americans tip slightly against Kavanaugh’s confirmation — but absent any strong corroboration of the charges against the nominee, a substantial majority would like to see him approved

Poll: Amid Kavanaugh Confirmation Battle, Democratic Enthusiasm Edge Evaporates
… with Democrats already up fired up for this election, the Kavanaugh confirmation fight has apparently had the effect of rousing a dormant GOP base.

“The result of hearings, at least in short run, is the Republican base was awakened,” noted Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, which conducted the poll.

Complaints About the FBI Investigation Are Absurd
One red herring that has gotten attention is the claim that the FBI has failed to interview Ford. … If the FBI interviewed Ford, it would just do what the Senate has already done — ask her questions (no doubt, the same questions). Because the FBI is not conducting a criminal investigation and is not making judgments about wrongdoing or credibility, it would simply give the Senate its interview summary. Ordinarily, the interview summary would flag issues, which could alert the Senate that this is a witness worth summoning for testimony. But here, the Senate already has Ford’s testimony.

Why has the media chosen sides?
On nearly every question and issue, the tenor of the press — shockingly — mirrors the tenor of the Democrats who insist that it falls to Kavanaugh to disprove these allegations. That is an understandable (albeit morally grotesque) position for partisan Democrats who’ve made it clear they will do whatever it takes, again, as Chuck Schumer admitted, to block Kavanaugh.

But that’s not your job, you supposedly objective journalists. You should care every bit as much about disproving the allegations of Swetnick, Ramirez, and — yes — Ford as proving them.

Red-state Dems face nightmare scenario on Kavanaugh
Senate Democrats up for reelection this year in deep-red states face a nightmare decision on how to handle Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. . . . The Democrats in the toughest position are Sens. Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.), Joe Donnelly (Ind.) and Joe Manchin (W.Va.).

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