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Former Law Students Praise Potential SCOTUS Nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Former Law School Graduate, Zachary Gordon:

“Without embellishment, he told TWS via email, ‘She is the best teacher I have ever had (law school or otherwise).’”

Former Law Student and Wisconsin Lawyer, Rob Driscoll:

“Barrett’s seminars were tight-knit groups, one former student recalled, in part because of her innate compassion and rigorous engagement with students’ ideas. ‘Given a non-textualist or non-originalist argument, her interventions would be remarkably fair-minded and smart.’”

Notre Dame Law Professor and Former Colleague, Jeff Pojanowski:

“‘As a colleague, she could see right off the bat what the nugget of interesting information I had,’ Pojanowski said, comparing her economy of thought to that of Justice Roberts, for whom he clerked. Hers is a powerful intellect suited to the topmost bench, he said—and as a Supreme Court justice, she would likewise identify a case’s deeper meaning and consequences with clarity and expediency.”