Confirm Kavanaugh or Endorse a Smear Campaign

Here’s the news you need to know on this Tuesday, September 25, 2018.

Conservatives, Kavanaugh Allies Are Galvanized and Defiant After New Round Of Allegations
Conservative groups and allies of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh were invigorated and defiant after a second sexual misconduct allegation surfaced against him Sunday night. Republicans and activists found Deborah Ramirez’s accusation thin, and believe Kavanaugh is being subjected to a coordinated smear effort. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised a confirmation vote would be held in the near future.

The media’s war on Brett Kavanaugh hits yet another low
Reporters have already discredited themselves through their often reckless coverage of the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court. But now we’re being hit with one of the most irresponsible stories yet …

The Media’s War on Brett Kavanaugh Hits Another Low

Brett Kavanaugh tells Fox News: “I’m not going anywhere” after latest misconduct allegation
Kavanaugh stayed strong last night in an interview with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum. He’s resolute about not letting “false accusations” force him to withdraw.

“The truth is I’ve never sexually assaulted anyone, in high school or otherwise,” he said according to an excerpt released by Fox News. “I am not questioning and have not questioned that perhaps Dr. Ford at some point in her life was sexually assaulted by someone at some place, but what I know is I’ve never sexually assaulted anyone.”

Enough is enough
A defiant Brett Kavanaugh tells the Senate Judiciary Committee he will not allow the ongoing smears from Democratic sources to intimidate him into withdrawing his Supreme Court nomination.

What are redstate Democrats saying about Kavanaugh?

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia:
“I want everybody to be able to tell their side of the story if it’s validated and I want him to have a chance to clear his name.” [When pressed on where he’s leaning, he said,] “Period, period, period, period.”

“Thursday’s hearing will be important to his vote. The allegations are concerning, but Kavanaugh will have a chance to clear his name.”

Senator Joe Donnelly of Indiana:
“I just want to hear all the facts, hear what everybody has to say.” When asked if he is facing an increase in pressure to vote one way or another, he said, “No. I’ll just do what’s right, no matter what.”

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