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Bi-Partisan Group of Over 30 Former Kavanaugh Clerks Send Letter to Judiciary Committee

“Each of us has had the privilege of clerking for Judge Brett Kavanaugh on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. We have gone different ways since then; among us are prosecutors, professors, state and federal public officials, and attorneys at private law firms, corporations, and non-profits. Our views on politics, on many of the important legal issues faced by the Supreme Court, and on judicial philosophy, are diverse. Our ranks include Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. But we are united in this: our admiration and fondness for Judge Kavanaugh run deep. For each of us – and this letter is signed by every single one of Judge Kavanaugh’s clerks not prohibited by their current or pending employment from signing – it was a tremendous stroke of luck to work for and be mentored by a person of his strength of character, generosity of spirit, intellectual capacity, and unwavering care for his family, friends, colleagues, and us, his law clerks.”